Columbus 1 1/2 Futura Caliper Fork Raw Unpainted

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Futura 1 1/2 – 1 1/8 Caliper Fork Raw OE

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Road-race Specific Performance.

Futura Caliper is the most updated creation of Columbus Carbon Lab department for the lovers of the traditional caliper brake.

The all-new Futura range completes its offer with an exclusive fork, designed for the rider, starting from bike-geometry and biomechanics requirements and needs. Realised using ultra light aerospace carbon fibre, Futura Caliper offers an extremely sharp riding experience thanks to its oversized sections and shapes, designed for an overall weight reduction of the structure, enhancing its stiffness and precision while cornering. The streamlined tapered front section, together with the curvature of the blades, minimise aerodynamic resistance, granting a good vibration-damping attitude, where, the overall aesthetic result, enhance Futura Caliper capability to perfectly match and complete the most updated carbon fibre frames as well as the new-generation high-performance steel, alloy and titanium designs.


* T700S & HFM Carbon Fibre
* Steerer: 1"1/8 top 1"1/2 Bottom
* Finishing: UD (OEM Ready to Paint)
* Steerer length: 300mm Axle to crown length: 368mm
* Rake: 45mm
* Crown Diameter: 56mm
* Tyre Clearance: up to 28mm
* Recommended expander: 28.6c
* Weight: 350g (-10g/+10g)